Job interviews are more competitive then ever before, not only do you have to sell yourself highlighting your skills, knowledge and experience, you also need to learn the dark art of interview manipulation.

For some interview persuasion is a technique that should be avoided at all cost, but most of these unemployed job hunters will remain unemployed for a long time. In the job hunter has go above and beyond answering questions, they need to build rapport, become an industry expert and persuade the influencer recruitment to recruit them.

These 5 tips will help you beat the interview competition by influencing the job interview.

Build Rapport – don’t go old school and wait for the question before answering it, start the interview by asking the interviewer about them, the company and the future. This shows interest and builds likability, also you can use their answers to show you have common ground “you like rock climbing, me too, I go every week..” and common ground quickly builds rapport. Evidence has shown the people like to yes to people they lie.

Improve on Their Idea – the interviewer will often tell you the future direction of the company; they may be investing in new software or machinery, the company may be looking to take the company in a new direction or maybe looking to expand the diversity of their employees. It doesn’t matter what direction the company is taking, what matters is how you can highlight your expertise and add value to the company. To do this tell the employer how good their idea is and the reason why this idea will work (and make a profit) also, name a couple of pitfalls the employer needs to look into (highlighting your expertise) and then improve on their idea, tell the employer about better/cheaper software, give money saving tips and real life experiences of you making these same changes in previous roles and how you made these changes in a cost effective way (this will add value)

Imagination – the word imagine gets people to go into themselves a sort of mini trance like state. If I tell you to “imagine being at the seaside” you have to imagine or visualise the seaside. You can use this same technique in the job interview by getting the interviewer to imagine you working for them – when this is imagined in a positive way the employer will feel more inclined to recruit you as they can See you as part of their team.

Repeat after me – we all use a different language, people describe the same event using different words; that food Looks good, I like the Sound of this place or I have a good feeling about this restaurant. To ensure the employer understands your message parrot phrase the employer’s words, this is especially effective when employers use metaphors to describe their company goals. Parrot phrasing also increase rapport and likeability through the common ground of language

Gain Commitment – people are influenced through commitment, gain the employers commitment throughout the interview and they will be influence to recruit you. In the job interview you can start this small, by asking for commitment about your experiences, qualifications and your character. “Are you looking to recruit someone with X qualification?” “Would this idea of mine help you meet your targets?” “Would you be able to use my contacts to increase business? What you are doing here is getting the employer to commitment to needing someone like you, before long the interviewer will be convinced they need to recruit you.


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