So how do you get a second date? How do you get your web visitor to decide if they like you and want to trust you with their deep and private issues?

One way to give the web visitor “a taste” of you – what you are about – is to offer something at no charge. You may have heard this described as a “pink spoon.” For example, you may give away a no-charge report, e-course or audio. For those who may not have heard this before, we call this a “pink spoon” because it reminds us of a process that happens at the Ice Cream store.

Just picture it. You go into the store and see all the flavors. You can’t decide which to pick. The clerk sees your indecision and offers you a small pink spoon with a bite of the flavor of your choice. After you taste the Hawaii-mocha-vanilla-crunch, you decide you like it and order a cup or a cone. After you enjoy your cone, you may decide to purchase a pint or half gallon to take home. You didn’t start with the half-gallon. You needed that pink spoon first.

So what makes a good pink spoon?

1) It is of interest and value to the web visitor.
If your site is geared toward parents of troubled teens, make sure your pink spoon audio, report or e-course talks about the challenges parents are going through with some good input for them – maybe a giggle – maybe some education – but something that they would enjoy.

In a way it is like Christmas shopping. You aren’t going to buy a fancy food processor for your sister who never cooks. Give them what they want. (I give my sister restaurant gift certificates.)

2) Make sure it represents your personality.
Create something that is fresh and unique. For example, if you have a report for “how to fight better with your mate” – put something interesting it in – not the same old “Don’t go to bed angry.” Consider: “Fight holding hands” or “Fight naked. It is hard to get self-righteous naked. You’ll find yourself trying not to laugh.”

3) Create it using your personal gifts.
If you love to talk, consider creating an audio or video as your pink spoon. If you enjoy writing, maybe a no-charge report on an interesting topic or a 5-part e-course delivered over 5 weeks with short tips each week.

4) It is not time or labor intensive.
Some think that a good pink spoon might be a no-charge initial consultation. While you may or may not want to offer those, I don’t want you to consider them “pink spoons.” You want your pink spoon to be something you can leverage – something you can do once and use over and over again without taking any additional time on your part.

Then what?

Once you create your pink spoon, invite your web visitors to get it by exchanging their name and email for it. That way you can build your list of web visitors and can begin to keep in touch with them over time in some way. By offering unique value, you will begin to build credibility with your web visitor. By keeping in touch with them over time, you can continue the relationship so when they are ready, they call you.

So, what do you think? Can you see how offering a pink spoon might draw more people to your site? Can you see how it might build credibility with them? If so, what do you see as your next step? What might you add of value to your site that would help you build a list of web visitors at the same time? Offering a pink spoon – giving away something in exchange for a name and email address – can help build relationships, build credibility and build your business!



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