Not all skin types are the same, and you should understand your type before getting a facial. Remember that even the best facial treatment or facial wash can have an adverse effect on your face or body, if the wrong products are used. A simple example here would be using tea tree oil for very dry skin or almond oil for very oily skin. Tea tree oil helps reduce the secretion of oil, and is ideally suited for oily skin. Almond oil on the other hand works wonders for nourishing dryness.

Hence, you should understand your type and then opt for acne facial treatments or facial treatment for sensitive skin. You can ask your beautician for advice on the same. The different types are listed below-

Normal Skin – Those who have normal skin are blessed, and almost all facial beauty salon treatments turn out to get great for them. This type is characterized by skin, which is free from blemishes and acne. Such individuals can enjoy the benefits of the best facial treatments, and also use mild liquid or gel soaps. All kinds of moisturizing products can be used on the skin including avocado, macadamia, coconut, wheat germ, etc. They can also use products for slightly oily skin.

Dry Skin – With dry skin you have to make sure that a moisturizing facial is done. Else, you may experience flaky and chapped skin along with prominent scales. It is quite common to see your skin suffer from problems during the colder seasons. Hence get more of these best facial treatments during the winters. Using hot water makes the skin lose more moisture and hence facial using products like almond and jojoba oil or even olive oil are suggested.

Oily Skin – The best facial treatments for individuals with oily skin would be avoiding products with too much wax. Most people with oily skin have oilier T-zones, which is the region of the forehead and bridge of your nose. Hence, the best treatments for such individuals should be using tea tree oil, Aloe Vera, and other related products.

Apart from getting regular facials suited for your face and body type you should also use a facial wash formulated for your skin. A regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine along with regular facials are suggested. Keep in mind that with age your type also changes, and hence you should get it evaluated by a professional beautician once in a while.



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