The party is about to start and your birthday is certain to be a blast but one thing is often overlooked: the personalised birthday banners. The inclusion of this minute detail might seem to be just that but lets face it, we have always been a society that craves that personal touch. There are many ways in which a host can integrate banners into the theme of the party but one all time favorite still remains to be the banner in which the guests are given the opportunity to leave behind lasting remarks.

Turning the birthday banner into a piece of memorabilia is easily accomplished through hanging the décor in an easily accessible place with a few permanent markers laying close by. Some considerations to make while preparing your banner should include the following:

the type of materiel
the color
the display of the banner

The birthday banner material should be affordable, yet sturdy enough to stand the wear and tear of the party and some time after in storage. As in the case of most memorabilia, it is often put away after the even only to be viewed on occasion thereafter.

The color one chooses will have a great impact. If a host should decide to use a material of a darker color, it is imperative to supply markers in contrast to that. Often times hardware or craft stores sell quick drying paint pens which would provided the proper contrast. If money is of consideration however, it is best to have a light background that guests can write on with cost effective Sharpies.

Hanging the birthday banner is important also. It should not be too high or low and proper care should be given to the backing of the material at this time. Knowing that inks may bleed through the chosen material, one might consider an impermeable back drop of some kind.

Integrating the theme into your piece by personalizing the birthday banner is a great way to make the guest of honors birthday a memorable one. A generic phrase to get writers started helps too.

Where I’ll be in fifty years…
Why today isn’t just another day…
Our favorite memory together was…

Encouraging everyone to be creative and have fun will make a wonderful added gift for the guest of honor to remember this time in their life.

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