The end of a season or a trend does not mean you need to throw out all your clothes and start again. That’s a waste of time and money, especially when everything you need to revitalize your 衣櫃五金 is already in it.

Developing a wardrobe that will progress from winter to summer can be achieved by adding a few new pieces.

Basics are a must. There is no other way to state it. Your wardrobe without the basics is like an awards show best dressed list without Sarah Jessica Parker – nonexistent.

Remember these important points about the basics.

1. Basics do not equal boring. An innovative wardrobe can exist solely of basics. Keep your colors, fit and cut updated and you have the beginnings of a timeless wardrobe.

2. Make sure you choose a fit that fits close to your body without being tight. The line between a flattering fit and human sausage casing can be a tricky tightrope walk.

3. Most important, your choices should not be dictated by seasons or trends.

Reorganize your wardrobe and separate season specific pieces from the rest of your clothes.

To find out which pieces you are missing, make a list of your transition pieces. Organize them by grouping them together or separate them by hanger color.

Building the Basics.

The year round items that need to be in your closet are:

1. A white Oxford shirt. Roll up the sleeves in the summertime and its wearable.

2. A black shirt.

3. Solid short sleeve tees and tank tops

4. Khaki twill trousers

5. A pair of perfectly fitted jeans

6. Denim jacket

Energize your old favorites.
The end of winter does not mean all of your cold weather clothes need to go to storage, at least not yet.

Create a new look by taking last seasons sweater shell and pairing it with a mini skirt. Combing khaki trousers with a hip halter is another way to breathe new life into items already ion your wardrobe.

Accessories play an important role in helping you create new ensembles with what you already own. The right accessory can update a simple look for the season.

Accessories also let you put a signature touch to classics making these fundamental items not so basic.

– A touch of pink on an all black outfit will make it look brighter.

– Espadrilles can add a funky punch to your favorite pair of jeans.

– Replace a basic purse with a bamboo handled handbag for a versatile look for day or night.


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