Still struggling to find that special someone a coffee gift? Then we’ve got some must have information as you start your search this Holiday Season. We have some great gift ideas that can meet your price point without breaking the bank. So whether money is tight or the sky is the limit, we’ve got a great gift idea for you. All of these gift ideas can be found online, which makes for an easy shopping experience. There are great deals to be found along with very creative and unique coffee gift ideas to chose from.

Organic and fair trade coffees have been rising in popularity. These high quality coffee subscriptions from around the globe embody the spirit of a naturally grown, high quality coffee bean that has made its way to your cup directly from the farmer who was paid a “fair price” or usually a higher price than most standard coffees. Organic and fair trade coffee certification require that the producers adhere to international standards that ensure child labor laws are met, promote health working conditions and provide economic incentives for co-ops and their farmers. These standards benefit agricultural communities around the globe and promote a higher standard of living for the coffee farmers.

A coffee of the month club membership will put a smile on any coffee aficionado’s face. And they will be reminded of you for months to come. Subscriptions usually come in increments of 3,6, 9 or 12 months. If they offer whole bean or ground coffee, go with whole bean, assuming your friend has a grinder. Whole bean preserves the flavor better. Every month that special someone will receive a different coffee. One more important tip – If you are trying to figure out how much to give someone, most coffee drinkers go through about 2 pounds per month.

A French Press is a terrific gift for any coffee connoisseur. These devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be a nice accessory for special occasions. If you end up pairing a French Press with coffee make sure to specify a French Press grind. This is a courser grind specifically for this type of coffee maker.

Premium Coffee. Kona coffee from Hawaii and Jamaican Blue Mountain set the bar high when it comes to premium coffees. High rollers only please. These coffees are some of the most sought after and exquisite beans found anywhere. Prices range from $25 to $50 per pound! Both coffees are grown in lush tropical settings that are ideal for coffee production and flavor. They are noted for their mild flavor and lack of bitterness. Sure they are a little pricey…but they are ooohh so good and definitely worth it!

The coffee gift card. Tried and true, this easy out makes for a convenient gift that everyone can appreciate. You can pick one up almost anywhere. From the local shop to the big franchises, most coffee houses offer gift cards right at the register or online.


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