Say Aloha to disastrous marketing campaigns with embroidered Hawaiian shirts! Just the mention of the word Hawaii takes people away to the tropical paradise. The bright, vibrant colors with their fluorescent patterns and cool looks are sure to keep your name in front of your most valued customers and prospects!

Businesses today need to pull out all the stops in finding unique, cost-effective advertising methods to reach their target market. Embroidered Hawaiian shirts not only provide a unique approach in branding your business they also make excellent customer appreciation gifts.

Be prepared for the buzz surrounding your marketing campaign when using Hawaiian shirts. The vibrant colors are sure to get people talking. Typical hawaiian shirts for women are made of a unique material called Tapa and are light as cotton making them really comfortable. They are available in base colors like black, blue and red which are the most common. Other colors are white, yellow, orange, lilac and many more.

Many of the shirts come with designs embroidered into them like palm trees, beach scenery, boats, flowers, fish, surfers, swimmers, sailing, and more. These basic designs immediately put an image in a person’s mind. Take your customers away to a tropical paradise. These shirts are best worn during vacation, but can be worn anytime the weather allows. The beach, golf course, picnics, even at the work place – just be sure your boss is OK with this casual wear!

Embroidered Hawaiian shirts are found in all sizes, a multitude of varieties, and price points to fit any marketing budget. A quick search online will yield great discounts with some stores offering free shipping. Don’t get caught up in the status quo of marketing! Add a unique twist to your promotional marketing efforts – one that can yield great results in increasing sales and promoting a feeling of good will with your customers.



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