Many guys want to know the secret to having very EASY one-
night stand sex with hot, beautiful women when they go out
at the weekend to bars and clubs. Well, this is an area of
seduction in which it is absolutely crucial to know exactly
what “rules” to apply if you want to succeed.

You see, getting laid successfully in nightclub Brewery Bellingha and bar
situations is all down to understanding women’s
psychological view of casual sex…and the actual process of
meeting guys socially when on a night out.

Most guys don’t believe that a “nice” girl would ever sleep
with a guy she just met that night in a bar or a club. Well,
this kind of thinking is out-dated and not entirely true.
You see, modern society places a social “stigma” on girls
who are considered “cheap” and have sex on the first night
but the real FACT is that, under the right circumstances, a
lot of “nice” girls would sleep with guys they just
met…IF…nobody else knows about it!

If you don’t believe this, just think about how WILD young
girls get when they go to a foreign country on vacation,
when all their usual friends and family are not there to
watch them. You would be amazed at how “loose” they can get
in those exceptional circumstances. So you can see that if
you want to succeed in having easy one night stands with hot
women, all you have to do is…CREATE THE RIGHT ENVIRONMENT
where they can relax and not feel watched and judged by the
rest of society.

Now, let’s look at how to create this environment. First of
all, you have to plan the entire night BEFORE you even leave
your house that evening. I’m going to repeat this point
because it’s so important: “Planning” is absolutely crucial!
You must make sure you’re your house is nice and tidy for
when you bring girls back. Make sure you’ve got soft, dim
lights, nice music and some drinks. You’ll see why you need
these in a minute.

One night stands generally work better if you’re going out
with friends although it’s still possible if you’re on your
own. Okay, the next thing is to have a very easy way to get
back to your house from the last club of the night. I always
try to find a club very NEAR my house or if I’m out of town,
I’ll make sure to go to a club near the hotel I’m staying

Why is this so important? Remember why women don’t feel
comfortable having sex with guys they just met: the social
stigma…well, the closer you are to your place, the less time
she has to consciously THINK of what she’s about to do with
you. Trust me, this is a very BIG factor in your getting

Okay, so here’s how you arrange everything: go to a bar
first early in the night with your friends. Look for a
couple of girls to hook up with…even if they’re not your
first choice, your aim here is to get them to come with you
to your final club (which is close to your house).

You see, by arriving with girls, other girls will see you as
desirable…and not desperate (which is very important). Then
just keep your eyes out for other girls that might be
interested in your “group” of friends. Instead of looking
for any one particular girl you like, focus on just getting
GROUPS OF GIRLS into your own group so everybody can mix
together. You see, by creating this large group, you’ll be
ready for the final stage of your “getting laid” plan.

At this stage, all the girls would feel comfortable and safe
in the group and once the night is winding down, just
announce to the group that you just heard there’s a great
party happening “down the road” from the club and there’s
lots of free drinks and good music. Say to the group that it
is an exclusive “invitation” only party and because you’re a
personal friend of the guy having the party, he’s allowed
you to bring about ten friends.


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