Comfort is synonymous with home, but beauty is an adjective that is rarely associated with home in real life. What’s interesting is that it doesn’t take much time to turn a clean, practical home into a beautiful one.

All you need is a little creativity, an eye for a good color scheme, and a bit of knowledge about home interior design.

You can remove the hooks on the door and hang clothes in the corner with curtains. Or draw heavy curtains and cast brighter, fresher shades on doors and windows. Clearing the clutter off the table and placing a reasonably sized vase can add to the living room interior design. If you can’t think of anything else, get rid of the bulky couch at home and get a soft, comfy rug and place a few bright cushions on the floor. Your visitors will be floored by your home interior design flair!

It sounds easy, but decorating your requires a lot of forethought. Otherwise, it can mess up your home interior design. Place your TV in a new corner and you’ll find that only the light across the window reflects off the screen!

While arranging the furniture, keep in mind that natural light is unobstructed, there is room for windows and doors to open, and that the desk has plenty of light, preferably natural light. Equally important is that the TV or computer monitor does not reflect overhead light or is located opposite a light source such as a window or door that opens to the sky.

It is a principle of home interior design to paint walls and ceilings in pastel tones that reflect light and make the house look brighter. Painting the doors and windows in the wall color will gel beautifully and create a light and fresh atmosphere.

Curtains also play an important role in setting the mood of a room. Lace curtains bring sophistication. Curtains in bright, vibrant colors can liven up a dull room. Dark, heavy curtains bring rest and peace. So you can bring your home interior design to life by choosing different color schemes for your bedroom, living room and kitchen.

Likewise, coordinating the color of your room furniture can go a long way in incorporating your personal taste into your home interior design. Wooden cane furniture is airy and lightweight, yet sturdy and portable. Upholstered furniture speaks of relaxation and luxury. Read your personality and apply your tastes to your home. After all, this is your hearth, the fable’s personal ‘sweet home’!

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