Our students’ college application included their reading list. It was not, however, a complete listing of the books they read in best astrology NYC  school. Some of the books they read were not included since we didn’t do well keeping records. Suffice it to say that my children love reading books, making their book lists quite remarkable.

I actually could not keep my kids away from books since that was how the way they wanted to learn. During college vacations, my youngest child would even bring books home with him to read. That is what he likes to do, and that is why his book list genuinely looked spectacular.

In high school, I wanted them to read as many books as they could on a particular subject, although I told them to spend only 1-2 hours a week reading the books I gave them. Reading half the books would have satisfied me. Instead, they read all of them. That truly impressed me.

We started homeschooling them with Sonlight Curriculum. Subsequently, I supplemented it with Jim Trelease Read Aloud Handbook. When they were in high school, I included some resources from The Well Trained Mind as well as the various literature and “reading lists for the college bound that I found online.

We did not use literature guides in homeschooling my kids. We gave them books to read and then would ask them how they liked them. In most cases, they would just ask for more books.

There were homeschool classes that I found difficult to teach. Teaching art and state history was quite an effort for me. Instead of getting discouraged by the difficulty, I had my kids read books about art history. That way, they could continue learning about art, not through me teaching but by reading books!


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