Boho (short for “bohemian”) style is described as very earthy and relaxed. It is associated with “hippie” clothing such as long flowing skirts, wooden jewelry, beads and sandals. Brightly colored fabrics mixed with neutrals, natural make-up and embellished accessories are common with this style. Actress Sienna Miller popularized this look in 2004 but it has been in vogue since the 90’s. Elements of boho halter tops style have been around since before the 1960’s. In fact, bringing back vintage pieces in modern fashion is a big part of what boho is all about. Here is a list of fashion pieces that will help you curate your own hippie wardrobe.


    1. A long flowing maxi skirt is something that you will use over and over. Do not pick one that is too puffy or detailed. Simple solids ones are best because they are more versatile. For a hippie rock look, pair a graphic t-shirt and a braided leather belt with a long solid skirt and dainty sandals. Wear a tank top and gold belt for a dressier outfit.
    2. Headbands and hair wraps are perfect for boho style. Thin leather bands worn on your forehead are a classic hippie look. Wraps and turbans can hide a bad hair day, or finish off a pair of pigtail braids.
    3. Strappy or gladiator sandals are a beautiful alternative to flip flops. They can be worn with casual or dressy ensembles
    4. Loose cardigans or sweaters in a delicate lace knit are great layering pieces with a hippie flair. Wear a tank top underneath an oversized cardigan with jeans and chunky heels. Pair it over a flowy maxi dress and silk scarf.
    5. Tunic blouses are a classic hippie look. An embroidered one looks beautiful over skinny jeans and boots. A plain solid one can be dressed up with big chunky wooden necklaces.
    6. Bold earthy jewelry made of natural elements like wood, leather or stone are a must. Layer thin metal bangles with big chunky wood bracelets. Necklaces with big wooden beads or stone slabs are especially eye catching.
    7. A crossbody purse or messenger bag in a neutral color can tie your whole outfit together. Remember the rule of opposites. A smaller purse fits well with a flowy skirt, while a large tote will look best with skinny jeans
    8. Oversized pashmina wraps and scarves that wrap around your shoulders gives any outfit that laidback air. Tie one into a halter and pair with jeans for an especially sexy look.


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