Forget about agonizing over your flower bouquets! Here are some simple, straightforward tips that will make choosing your flowers much, much easier.

Go With The Seasons

No matter if you are using cut flowers or silk flowers, choose varieties that are in season with your wedding. If you are getting married in the spring, choose seasonal flowers like lily of the valley, miniature daffodils or irises. For summer, think lavender, gerberas, sunflowers or stargazer lilies. In the fall, go for orange lilies or miniature gladioli. Winter offers camellias, jasmine and Christmas roses.

Also, keep in mind the colors of the season when selecting your flower bouquet. In spring, the colors tend to be more pastel shades, like light blues, yellows, pinks and greens. Summer brings more bold and bright colors, like dark pinks, vibrant yellows, and romantic reds. In fall, choose ripe full bronzes, deep orange and bold burgundy. In the winter white works well, but also consider greens, rich pinks, and burgundies.

Go With Your Colors

I don’t mean you color scheme…I mean your natural coloration. Not many people consider their own skin and hair tones as a basis for selecting flower bouquets, but it can really make a difference. If you are a blond, you’ll look beautiful carrying blue, pink or purple flowers. Brunettes look stunning carrying bronze, red and Flowers redmond oregon. Redheads can enhance their natural beauty with lots of green foliage or flowers, with small splashes of color here and there. Darker-skinned beauties look gorgeous carrying white flowers, or bouquets full of bright vivid colors.

Size Matters

Your flower bouquets should also scale with your size. If you are a petite bride, you’ll be overwhelmed with a huge arrangement…while a taller bride will look strange carrying a tiny, delicate bouquet. If you’re on the smaller side, think about smaller flowers and a small, delicate arrangement. If you are tall, you can handle a larger, more dramatic bouquet. If in doubt, all brides look gorgeous carrying a simple bouquet of two or three stemmed flowers, wrapped with an elegant ribbon.


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