It’s not easy but it is important. You may not want your teen to go to a residential facility but there may be no choice. If the trouble is serious it could mean jail or hospital for your child. So take charge of your own [and your teen’s destiny, make a plan and stick to it. The choice of the right facility is vital. Choose the wrong venue and you may waste your money and not give your teen the chance to turn their life around.

As sad as it may be, there are some facilities which do not deliver what they promise. That’s where you have to be especially vigilant. Go the extra mile in getting to the truth of the matter. For example just because a residential facility boasts that it provides such and such, check it out. Here are two basic steps to take right off the bat.

Is the facility registered? Is it accredited?

State authorities require such institutions to be registered. If the facility is not it may be operating outside the law. Then there are non-profit groups which take it upon themselves to vet and monitor facilities that charge xanax detox to help kids. The facility will have a rating probably on the web site of the non-profit group. Ask around. Check the registration and accreditation.

Then there’s the devil in the detail. The facility may boast about its staff. Fine. You should ask such questions as,

Where did the staff train?
How much experience do they have?
Are the members of staff vetted?
If so, by whom?

Any facility which prides itself on providing excellent service and produces fine results will be only too happy to answer all your questions in full. They should be the type of facility you consider.

Then there’s the life for your teen after they return from being in residence. They will hopefully return to school and pick up as a new student. But what academic studies will they undertake when in residence? Do the subjects and standards tie in with what they have been studying? This needs to be carefully considered. Your child must maintain their academic progress and even improve.

Medical care is another vital issue. What type of medical staff are on site and how many? If your child has a medical condition you want to be assured that the residential facility can handle any emergency; likewise with discipline. There may well be many unruly young people living on the campus. What is the policy on discipline? How do staff members handle potentially violent kids?

Then ask about the acceptance policy. Be wary of any institution which takes anyone and everyone. You want the highest standards for your teen. Seek the facility which shows it cares. And one way to discover that is to learn about their success rate.

How many of the residents go home with a changed attitude? How many continue with a better life weeks, months and years after they leave? Can you talk with parents of kids who have been through the system?

Finally, can you afford the program? Do you have insurance to cover the cost? There are many questions which must be asked before you make your choice.



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