There are various ways to go about selling property or real estate but lately selling property online has become on increasing trend. At the beginning of the century the property market started to take a nosedive and especially since the recession crippled the UK economy, people have been looking for cheaper and more efficient ways to do things.

Estate agents have developed an unforgiving stigma surrounding the services they offer for selling houses and property, usually derived from the fees they charge vendors. It would be fair to say that the unpopular estate agent isn’t making a dazzling comeback since the slump of the property market.

The online estate agent however is another story, often allowing vendors to take more control over the sale of their own property and thus cutting costs. Property portals are springing up all over the place since the drought on the Realtor Oro Valley property market, and are now growing rapidly.

Depending on which property portal you decide to use, you can sell property online virtually all by yourself. Usually this involves taking pictures of your property and writing a description about the property you want to sell. You can also set your own asking price though normally there are people that can help you evaluate your home so that you can demand a fair asking price.

Selling property online also has the benefits of not incurring excessive charges which need to be paid to ‘the man in the middle’- i.e. the estate agent or entity selling your property. Many property portals charge a one-off fee for you to list property on their site and that’s the only money that will exchange hands. Some agencies even offer a ‘commission free’ bonus for using their site where you will not pay any commission if your property sells.

Using online estate agents or property portals to sell property online is relatively easy and most instructions will be laid out for you on their website. It is advisable to choose a website that has advisors available to talk directly over the phone so that you can call for help and advice if you need to.


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