Believe it or not, almost anyone can look amazing in a Hawaiian shirt. The volume of these distinctive floral-patterned shirts has surged to a considerable level as well as successfully penetrated the mainstream market. Still, one ugly truth remains: not everyone knows how to wear a Hawaiian shirt in a befitting manner that perfectly caters to your taste, let alone trendy styles of clothes.

Hence, there is no exaggeration to state that hawaiian shirts for men is much the same as a $50 variation if the wearer has no idea how to dress decently. Silly Hawaiian shirts are extremely popular, especially in menswear stores. For an ordinary man who is not keeping himself up-to-date with the trends and styling, he might fall under the temptation of buying aloha shirts that doesn’ suit him..

However, with the help of this article, you are probably on the right track to mastering Hawaiian shirt fashion.

What Do Hawaiians Wear?

In order to truly understand how to look Hawaiian and natural in your aloha shirt, let’s check out some info about the history of Hawaiian fashion:

– In former times, Hawaiian fashion was well-known for its simple clothing products made of cool materials that suited the island’s distinctively benign climate. The Kapa was their first favorable and common material to form clothes.

Yet, it called for a laborious and complicated process to produce enough Kapa soft cloth whose material originated from the bark of mulberry plants, forced to undergo fermentation before completion.

Therefore, it took the indigenous Hawaiians a lot of time to make a piece of loincloth for men or a skirt for women.

– In the 1800s, hula skirts (or grass skirts) were introduced for the first time. They are made of ti leaves which is a palm-like plant tree with its unique spiral cluster of long leaves.

The fact that ti plant is an evergreen flowering type explains why people in Hawaiian islands thought of utilizing it for clothes.

Also, it can be used as ornaments due to its numerous color variations, from red to green and some other forms.

Gradually, everything started to change when modern innovation interfered with Hawaiian traditional styles of making clothes.

Benefiting from technology advancements, the Hawaiian fashion industry has gained a reputation for its diversity as well as modification in clothing products, not to mention the booming economic potential.

Among the new trends of shirts, dresses, flip flops, and even shorts, the Hawaiian shirt fashion has been regarded as a huge success. People now wear them as an authentic way of expressing their Hawaiian tradition and authenticity.

Besides, local designers are trying to imbue wearing Hawaiian shirts with the spirit of nature while still present the practices rooted in Hawaiian culture.

By doing that, they desire to embrace more cultural knowledge and value and make the shirts more appealing to new customers, especially young generations.

How To Wear A Hawaiian Shirt: What To Take Notice Of

Bear in mind that a Hawaiian shirt should be linked with the relaxing ambiance or beautiful summer vacation memories. Therefore, try to avoid those bad advice for Hawaiian shirts that will only make you look ridiculous.

First and foremost, the key answer is to find the right style and choose the right Hawaiian shirt for yourself. As easy as it may sound, this process will actually need a lot of consideration. To learn the ropes on your own, here are some tips to mix and match your aloha shirts:

Hawaiian shirts usually represent the tropical vibe, embodied by tones of rad, orange, yellow, green and blue, any of which is alright to start with. However, stick to the color patterns that are complimentary to your clothes you have on hand.

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