It’s a safe bet to assume you have seen Domino’s commercials and heard about Starbucks adding mobile ordering apps to their businesses to try and increase sales. According to NPN’s article “Early adopters of technology also frequent QSRs”, about 83% of “innovators” and 72% of “early adopters” order from restaurant apps weekly. While Domino’s and Starbucks have made this process seem easy, choosing to create an app for your restaurant can seem like a very daunting task. However, if you take it step by step you will find that it is a relatively easy process that any restaurant can accomplish.

The first thing that you must do is pick a web design team that will help you build your app. Unless you can do this yourself, you are going to need some help to make an easy-to-use and attractive app for your business. The web team will help create the perfect look and uses that you want in your app. It will be custom-made just for your unique business. They will be able to tell you the dos and don’ts of web page design and give you advice for what will make your app stand out among all the other ones out there. Most web designers are quick and accurate when creating an app because they understand the need that a restaurant has for getting it as quickly as possible. While it is possible to find some web designers that are affordable, it tends to get expensive which is the only downfall to using a web design service.

The next step is choosing an online ordering service and a service for mobile qr code menu. There are hundreds of different systems you can choose from which can get somewhat overwhelming. Generally, it is required that you have a non-linked system. This means that you have to find one online ordering system and a completely separate mobile ordering service. This can be a hassle because although there are a lot of systems, the two that you choose must work together if your app is to be successful. However, it is possible to cut out the middle man and get a system that is connected. Systems such as these will be able to offer you an online ordering service and a mobile service at the same time. Standalone products such as these will make sure that when people search for your restaurant they will get only your restaurant and be more easily directed towards your menu.

If you are able to find a standalone product that can cut out the middle man, it is a smart idea to take it. Otherwise, the final step to completing your app is to find a system that will link your online ordering service and your mobile service together. This is going to allow customers who download your app to be directed to your online menu. Once this step is completed, the last thing you have to do is unveil the app, do some promotion to inform your customers about it, and enjoy the success that will come from creating your own ordering application.


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