Learning how to break the ice with women with successful conversation starters is one of the most essential aspects of the dating scene a man can learn. You can have a great car, nice house, have plenty of money, and even good looks, yet without understanding the basics of knowing some good conversation starters you’ll be watching as your prospect is laughing it up with that charming, unemployed troglodyte that’s sitting on her other side.

Conversation starters are what pick up lines are trying to be. So called “pickup lines” are not intended to be used to pick women up. Guys usually attempt pick up lines in hopes of trying to start a conversation. The very term “pick up lines” was a term coined by women in the early days of modern American society since so many men were a little too blatant in their hopes of scoring.

Using pick up lines as a conversation starter can be risky. Most women will blow you off as quickly You are missed in Spanish as the line ran out of your mouth like diarrhea. However, if you are unique in your pick up lines and they are ones that haven’t been beat into the ground, a pick up line can catch a woman long enough to embark in some form of conversation with you. The safer bet is just to use conversation starters, that way you don’t risk being shot down before you even have a chance to display your true personality

Conversation starters can range from anything like an opportune joke (if it is funny) to asking for a woman’s opinion on something in the newspaper (one excellent reason to read a newspaper in a bar btw) or current events. Actually just about anything under the sun can be a good conversation starter as long as it is relevant to the situation.

If you’ll observe the interactions of people in any sort of social setting, you may notice three types of men: there are those who are too shy, bitter, or to fearful even speak to women, and guys full of self-doubt but they’re trying anyway, and then there are the guys who seem to get a three way going from just saying “Hey.”

Watch that third group. You will notice something different about them. They are not using pick up lines; however, they are using simple conversation starters. The great thing about just using a basic conversation starter is you remove any concern about the quality of your data bank of pick up lines, plus it can save you tons of embarrassment and maybe even save you from getting a drink thrown in your face.



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