Many people associate motorbike riders as people throwing caution to the wind. Nothing could be father from the truth. There are some that use motorbikes to ride rough and tough, there are some that take family road trips on their motorbikes, and even those that use their motorcycles in place of a car, riding back and forth from home and work.

Choosing from a selection of new vietnam motorbike tours can be daunting, but if one goes armed with the knowledge needed for an educated choice, a rider need not leave a dealership confused and unhappy. In selecting new motorbikes, the first idea should be how it will be used. If one is using the bike to ride take long rides on the weekend, they may want a tourer or a cruiser. For those looking to get a bit more adventure in, then an off-road or super sports bike may be just the ticket. Taking a good look at what a rider needs and wants before plopping down hard earned cash will save a lot of indecision or unhappiness later on.

For the riders looking for comfort and style, check out the cruiser or tourer class of motorbike. The cruiser is meant to handle comfortable. The feet are forward set and hands are neutrally positioned or sometimes set high when riding this bike adding to its comfort factor. They are stylishly designed and can be made to customer specifications. Add on features are expected when purchasing this kind of motorcycle. A tourer is meant for riders taking on ling distance. To protect the rider from elements, such as wind, rain, and bugs; the tourer often comes equipped with large windshields and large fairings. Sport touring bikes are just what they seem; a combination of a luxury tourer and a sport bike. There is more carrying capacity than a sport bike, but the ride is more nimble than it would be with a full dress touring bike.

The aggressive rider may be more satisfied with a bike that can take a pounding. Off road are lightweight, allowing riders to take jumps, one would not try with a cruiser. They come with tires that provide extra traction for riding in unpaved areas. This is the kind of bike often used in MX racing. Sport bikes are aerodynamically designed and used for racetrack racing. They offer more speed than a sport tourer and can take tight turns well.



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