Everyone has their own different way of enjoying themselves during the summer. For some, this means heading to a beautiful beach, while for others, it means heading to the mountains and the great outdoors.

Perhaps you may have never climbed a mountain before, but fear not, reading these little tips will ensure you bring the right equipment for your trip and ensure you have an enjoyable time.

Prior to completing any packing of any sort, you will need to figure out how long the mountain trip will be. As a beginner, you may be more comfortable staying in the forest during the night so you can have a much more enjoyable mountain climb the next day.

On the way up the mountain, you may be passing water – meaning you might have a chance of getting wet. For that reason, you’re going to want to bring an extra set of clothes or two for the climb. Packing several pairs of socks is Backpacking Trails Ultimate Backpacking Guide Base Camp probably a great idea too.

Bringing clean, drinkable water is also an extremely important item not to forget. The weather can be warm during the summer, especially when you’re climbing a mountain. In order or avoid dehydration and other ailments, always have at least two bottles of water filled in your backpack.

Regardless of how skilled you are as a climber, you should always bring a first aid kit along with you. A small twig scratch might seem tiny, but it could get infected and cause serious damage to your body. You always need to have the proper first aid tools on you, and be prepared to use sunscreen.

Finally, remember to bring enough food for your trip. Burgers and pastas may not be the best option, as they can be pretty heavy. It’s best to pack light, bringing along crackers and biscuits. If you’re planning on cooking any of your meals, make sure you bring some matches to make the fire building process easier.

Getting to the top of a mountain is a wonderful accomplishment, but in order to succeed you’ll need to be smart about how you pack. Once you reach that top though, and see that incredible and breathtaking view, you will be glad you took the effort.


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