Clay comes in a vast variety of modes and make ups. There is clay that is used to make Mexican style pots, clay used for modeling that can be reused, clay that can be made into objects and then allowed to harden in the air and clay that can be fired and glazed, just to describe a few of the many types. One fun type of clay that can be used by both professionals and amateurs is polymer clay. It is easy to work with and to make Polymer Clay Cutters nz mosaics. It can be made into beads and other items for making jewelry and other crafts. You make the items and then put them into an oven to harden.

Once you have finished making the items from the clay and before you fire them, painting polymer clay is easy and fun. There are all sorts of books from which to get ideas or just use your imagination. Make things that you have seen before and then get creative. It is the old art school mentality of copying the masters to improve upon your creativity. Finding your own style can be fun or frustrating, you decide. If you know your method and follow it with lightheartedness you will have fun. Keep copying things until your style emerges. It may take some time or it may come right away.

You have a variety of tools from which to choose also including polymer clay push molds. You can use molds or you can use your hands along with tools for clay or using items you find around the house or at garage sales to help you be creative. Dental tools are some that work well with clay. Again, your limitation is your imagination.

With a good imagination and the right tools, you can be having lots of fun. It’s a wonderful hobby to do with family members and friends. To get the right tools and techniques, visit AMACO for the best in professional help and products. You will find polymer clay mosaics, tips on painting polymer clay and polymer clay push molds that will help you in your creative endeavors.



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