Use of professional resume software isn’t widespread among job seekers. This is surprising because if you don’t clear the resume hurdle, your road ahead is blocked. Resume writing is, after all, a professional job. Though most people can write decent resumes, this, by itself, may not be enough in these tough times. The alternatives are either hire a professional resume writer (an expensive option) or consider resume software.

Though I am not in favor of professional resume software as such, I still decided to check out the Amazing Resume Creator. The sales jargon on the site was irritating, to say the least, but thankfully, the same cannot be said of the software. It is clear that a lot of thought and work has gone into the making of this software.

It is helpful to think of this make a resume software as an assistant or a secretary rather than someone who magically pops out the resume. You are given options in a planned, systematic way. Depending on your answers to the questions, the software builds up your resume in a way that is unique to your needs. You are gently guided with questions while it works furiously in the background. The net result is a resume that is tailored to your needs and requirements. The various formatting options help you to select the right look for your resume.

There is no complicated software and you can use it with your current word processing software such as Word. The website claims that you can write your resume in 10 minutes. However, in order to do a decent job, you should allot at least half an hour. This is still a big jump from your hours of struggling and still not being sure about the final product.

Amazing Resume creator is professional resume software that designs your resume like a sales letter. This is indeed the modern trend as, with a resume, you are selling yourself as a product. It is not easy for most of us to sell ourselves, especially as we do not like to talk highly about our achievements and this is where the software comes to the rescue.

The software comes with three bonuses which are well worth it as they complement the main software. The one on cover letter will help you choose a suitable cover letter, there is another one on facing the interview giving a step by step guide to gaining advantage during an interview and a third one on salary negotiation secrets.

All things considered, this professional resume software is a good product at a reasonable price. It would be highly useful to you if you are not sure about your resume being the best and professional resume writers are beyond your reach.


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