Finding ways to effectively and efficiently perform swimming pool maintenance is key for any pool owner important. Two of the most important elements in good pool maintenance regiment are the filters and pumps. Pool pumps work in combination with filters to keep water clean and debris-free. Take care of these two things will help all of the other aspects of your swimming pool maintenance program function better as well.


Good swimming pool maintenance depends on the care of the pool’s filter. As water is circulated through the filter, it traps debris and lets water passes through. This leaves only clean water to be returned to the swimming pool while debris and other harmful contaminants remain captured inside the filter, until emptied. The more you use your swimming pool accessories, the more often the filter will need to be cleaned. The specific cleaning process will vary with the type of filter – sand, cartridge, or DE- that you use.


Having an efficient pool maintenance routine relies on the pump, which is the heart of your pool’s filtration system. It works to move the water through your pool’s pipes and keep the water circulating. The hard plastic pump is a separate component from the motor that powers it. Make sure to keep debris away from the motor as part of your regular maintenance routine.

Pool pumps are rated by horse-power and are chosen based on the size of your pool. Having a pump that is the appropriate size for your pool is very important. Having a pump that is underpowered means the water won’t be circulated enough to keep the pool clean, making your swimming pool maintenance job even harder and overworking the equipment to compensate. Ensuring you have an energy efficient pump will also save you money down the road in energy costs.

Choosing and caring for your pool’s pump and filter system is an important step in effective maintenance. These are the building blocks to your pool’s operation and if they are functioning well, all of the rest of the jobs you do for your swimming pool maintenance will be made that much easier.


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