Transformational Processing is a general term for all types of Clearing Work or Power Therapies. Emotional Clearing is a generic term for one type of Transformational Processing. There are many ways you can engage in clearing work, but they all have similarities. You may have heard of Emotional Freedom Technique – a form of meridian therapy which utilises meridian points to facilitate an energetic / emotional release.

There are many names and different modalities. Each of them has its own emphasis and value. Some of them work with trauma directly through feelings and some are more cognitive in their approach and may focus in on changing beliefs. Other modalities use regression techniques to bring to light subconscious programming, beliefs or traumatic incidents. All of them work well together in an applied program to clear the mind, heart and body of the effects of mental, emotional and physical Trauma Therapy Toronto or stress that can create blocks to wholeness and inner peace.

Some aspects that make up this clearing work or TP can be found in many types of modern therapy such as body centered therapy, self psychology, trauma therapy, regression therapy, meditation, cognitive therapy, energy psychology, object relations, meridian therapy and many others.

If I had to describe it in one sentence, I would call it “Power Therapy – the application of awareness, differentiation and release for the dissolution of energetic blocks, negative patterning or programming”. One practitioner I know likens it to meditation with two people. When the power of awareness from two people are placed on one “subject” (problem) the result is not just a doubling of awareness, but a multiplication that can give ten times the results of a single meditation or contemplation. That’s why they are being called “Power Therapies”.

What are the Results?

When done correctly, clearing work activates your natural inner healing process. Transformation is a natural process. Resistance is what delays or slows down our natural evolutionary development. Clearing Work or Transformational Processing generally brings the practitioner to a place where they end resistance. What we are resisting is unresolved unconscious material. As Carl Jung said: “Enlightenment is… bringing darkness to the light”.

The results of continued clearing work are beyond what most people are willing to think or believe. Suffice it to say that you will be delighted by the exploration and discovery of the workings of your own mind and emotions, as well as your motivations and beliefs. Most people who experience a deep release / clearing are truly amazed at the power of real transformation that they find within themselves. They quickly learn the natural ability of processing not only unresolved issues from the past, but whatever they encounter in everyday life.

What Transformational Processing is NOT

It is not “religious”, although most religions have as their mystical foundations some practices that at least engender temporary releases to induce “spiritual” states. Much of the clearing technology we have today has evolved out of the mystical roots of the major religions of the world. It is not new age, airy fairy, or syrupy platitudes that deny the negative or dark side of reality. In fact the “dark side” is where a lot of your “problems” are hiding. You must be willing to draw no lines and hide from nothing that exists in order to get the most out of clearing work.

Clearing Work is not for people who have borderline disorder or psychotic episodes. In order to do this type of deep transformative work, you must have a fairly stable sense of self. Do not attempt this work without a trained facilitator if you have any history of suicidal, borderline or psychotic symptoms. There are therapists that specialize in working with people who have these type of “deeply wounded” issues.


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