Do you know that you can work at the same time when you are walking on the treadmill? No, this is not just a phone talking. The work means you will work on your computer while you exercise. Right now you can combine your working desk with your favorite treadmill. What you need is to buy a treadmill desk and off you go! In this article, we are going to give you the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk Review.

Here are some of the features that the product offers:

The desk can be integrated to the treadmill. This allows you to walk on the treadmill and to work on the desk at the same time.
The desk can be attached to almost any treadmill. The working space is 72 inches by 34 inches.
There are other accessories on the desk including the manuscript holder, 3-level file holder and phone stand.
In addition, there are two cup holders. The holders can be adjusted.
The desk can support up to 55 lbs.
The weight of the desk is 57 lbs. The product has 2-year warranty.
Reasons why you should buy this TrekDesk Treadmill Desk:

The construction of the desk is well made and solid. This type of product can sometimes look cheap. Fortunately, this one doesn’t.
The product comes with a video tutorial for assembly. Don’t forget to check your package when you receive the desk.
There are many places on the desk that are adjustable. The desk, therefore, is suitable for people of different heights.
Due to its practical size, you will have plenty of room to work on the desk.
It is good that you don’t have to sit on the chair all day long while you are working. The desk allows you to move. This may be the main reason that you are looking for this type of desk.
Reasons why you might not want to buy this desk:

The product manual and assembly instruction are not available. Although, the product comes with a video that teaches you how to assemble, some people may prefer the manual in writing. It is easier for some to study a document than following the video.
The cords of all the electronic devices are untidy. There should be a cord control with the desk.
In conclusion, you can work and walk at the same time with this treadmill desk. By attaching the desk onto your treadmill, you can do many things that you cannot do when you use the treadmill in the old style. It is useful and very practical. We think that the product really serves the purpose.



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