Oprah recommends a corporate gift idea, that would be perfect for your boss, co-workers, or clients.

Give a Good Card from Charity Navigator. It is a gift card that allows the recipient to donate to a charity of their choice. Since everyone has their favorite charities, you can give them the perfect gift to celebrate any holiday, birthday, or any other special occasion.

This gift card is a great way to increase morale and generosity in any workplace. In addition, when you buy a Good Card, you receive a tax-deduction. It’s a simple process, you just pick an amount and the recipient selects the charity or charities to receive the donation. You also have the option of sending your gift card by email, which is perfect for last minute gifts. You can also send by traditional mail, though you would need at least two weeks for processing and delivery.

Even if your colleagues or clients need help choosing a charity, they can use Charity Navigator’s intelligent search engine to find a charity they would like to support. Charity Navigator has a special rating system, that is updated monthly, that will ensure that you are giving to reputable and efficient charity. The Good Card is a unique corporate gift malaysia that the co-workers and the company can feel good about. This corporate gift idea is perfect not only to supplement your corporate greeting cards during Christmas season, but it will also be a great idea throughout the year for other company gifts.

One trusted gift that is always welcome is a luxury pen. This can be a great gift and for some can turn into a collecting hobby. The intricate details of a serious pen can be astounding. Not to mention gifting something personal yet absolutely useful. A nice pen made specifically to give your handwriting a professional look is always well received.

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