Claude Monet (1840 – 1925) painted a handful of paintings with the title “Irises” in his lifetime. Irises by Claude Monet should not be confused with Vincent Van Gogh’s painting of a similar title. Monet’s many Irises sometimes come in different colors, but all just as stunning as the other. There is a painting with predominantly yellow irises, then there’s also another painting with predominantly purple ones. One version is called Irises by the Pond, still another version is called Irises in Monet’s Garden. Although Van Gogh’s Irises share a name with Monet’s paintings, and though all Irises are strikingly beautiful in their own right, each Irises is as unique as paintings go.

Monet was part of a group of Impressionist mural painter that changed the face of artistic expression forever. Monet, a native of Paris France, painted outdoors, in an attempt to capture the ever-changing effects of colors and light. He painted the same subject at different points throughout the day. His painting of irises depicts the flowers in his beautiful garden in Giverny. Monet’s painting was influenced by Japanese design, which is full of sensuous silhouettes. The painting depicts the beautiful flower blossoming on a ground bursting with colors of gold and reflecting the rays of the sun.

Because of its sheer beauty, Irises has been reproduced and translated onto countless wall prints, wall hangings, tapestries as well as oil paintings by other artists. This wall decor makes the perfect addition to your home, whether your home is European-inspired or whether you have an eclectic home with an Oriental motif. Just looking at the soothing colors of lavender, green and yellow already makes one feel right at home.

Some reproductions of Monet’s Irises are available online, in the form of prints, wall fabric and tapestries. Most sellers include other useful materials such as mounting brackets as well as the screws to make installation more a simple affair. Why go for a print reproduction when you can opt for a real oil painting? Some artists choose to make copies of this work of art by staying as true to the original painting as possible, while they are only copies of the real thing, there is really no denying that they are almost as beautiful as the original piece. The real Irises hang in Musee d’Orsay.


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