Much to the disappointment of many who want to lose weight, weight loss motivation does not come in pill form. While new weight loss medications and herbal formulas seem to come and go overnight, no one has yet invented a pill for motivating individuals who want to lose weight. That motivation has to come from within. For some, losing excess weight can be the ultimate test in self-motivation. It requires every ounce of initiative and discipline a person can muster to change eating habits, diet patterns, and exercise routines.

This motivation can be harder to come by than even the most dedicated dieter might imagine. Habits only take 3 weeks to become routine, but some bad habits can take a lifetime to correct. For this reason, a person wanting to lose weight loss pills has to make that choice out of more than just vanity or health concerns. Changes in mindset, thinking patterns, and self-talk can be just as crucial to dieting success as changes in diet and exercise. Studies show that dieters who make necessary changes in mental state lose weight faster and are more likely to keep a healthy weight over time.

Appearance often directs initial weight loss motivation. Over time, however, the hope of smaller clothing sizes and a more attractive appearance may not be enough to maintain motivation. Other motivating factors such as better overall health, increased stamina, and a longer life span could potentially increase a person’s motivation. However, even these ideals may not be enough to keep a person’s motivation going. In these instances, it may be tempting, even recommended that dieters seek medical means to continue with their weight loss goals. Keep in mind though, that medication cannot replace motivation.

Admittedly, many situations and dieters stand to benefit from the addition of medication to their weight loss plan. However, without the proper drive and purpose behind weight loss motivation, long-term weight management will continue to be a struggle. Some medical professionals advise dieters to fully explore their emotional habits to determine what factors will increase their likelihood of success. Finding the necessary intrinsic motivation to assist in a person’s weight loss goals increases the chance of life-long successful weight management. Changes in diet, exercise, and self-talk are more important than any medical procedure or pill a dieter takes or undergoes. Self-motivation is simply more powerful in the long run.


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