There are several options a business can implement when building its communications network. One solution is a toll free phone number. This will not only enhance your customer service, but it will also establish legitimacy for any start-up organization. Many new ventures opt to associate direct lines with cell phones. This may be a temporary solution, but the impression clients may receive is that a company is still in development. A toll free phone number will present a company in a strong business light, while caring for client needs in a timely and professional manner.

It is also essential to establish and provide this number as soon as possible. This will demonstrate that a company is serious about conducting business, and is committed to excellence in all endeavors. This is a great feature for any small organization, and can even be customized to market specific brands. Many industry experts have endorsed toll free phone Vanity phone numbers as a true means of client communication. Statistics show that they help project a professional corporate image, even for smaller companies just starting out. Another benefit is that the volume of customer and client calls normally increases when an 800 number is present. It is also the perfect way to give a business a more organized and efficient appearance.

When a company invests in a toll free phone number, it provides a convenient tool for customers. This will establish contacts, build on prospects, and increase the volume of overall business. More clients are likely to contact and conduct business if a toll free phone number is available. The result is a more productive company that generates income, and tends to the specific needs of its clients. There are several consumer research tests that have been based on toll free phone numbers. One such test, conducted earlier in the year, demonstrated the benefits of having this type of number. The study showed that consumers had a 45% higher recall of vanity 800 numbers than web addresses. From 1-800-Go-FedEX to other vanity numbers, there was also a 30% increase in advertising, marketing, and client response.

The toll free phone number is also equipped with many convenient features. The ability to create automated greetings is a great way for consumers to connect with a business. This will help prompt consumers while pinpointing their specific needs. Statistics have also shown that a customer might opt to go elsewhere, if he or she feels intimidated, rushed, or that there needs are not being met. Customer service is of the utmost importance within the automated spectrum. Greeting callers with a clear and efficient way to get their needs met is also a must when utilizing toll free assistance. This enables consumers to reach their destination without flaw, and assures a favorable experience.

The ability to market a brand as distinct is also a pertinent feature of a toll free phone number. Many businesses choose to customize their number to coincide with the name of the business or particular service. This delivers an exceptional image to the market, and can help establish loyal relationships with customers. Consumers will more likely become repeat customers if presented with a convenient and user-friendly method of interacting with the business.

A virtual PBX system, in conjunction with a toll free phone number, can also enhance any small business. From a home to virtual office, companies can truly conduct business in a professional manner. The ability to compete with larger establishments is also a bonus, while eradicating the need for a costly and intricate telephone system. Businesses are presented with state-of-the-art automation tools, while a virtual receptionist routes calls and manages the system. From product sales to technical support, this system will centralize customer requests and achieve desired results. It also offers menu options that can be customized, and works hand in hand with any vanity toll free phone number. Although the need for live attendants is still in demand, virtual assistance is rapidly becoming the norm for facilitating customer calls and service.


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