There are an array of wood storage shed designs and a variety of styles to choose from. However, finding one that you know you will love will depend greatly upon on your own preferences and desires. Nevertheless, here are a few guidelines and ideas to consider.

First, take a look at the style and design of your home. Often people will build a shed that matches the style of their home. Next decide what you are going to store inside your shed. Is it going to be used as a workshop, a place for storing your motorcycles, gardening tools, lawnmowers, or to store a boat or tractor?

Once you have decided on the purpose for building a wood storage 2 story sheds, think about how much space you will need and if there is enough room for the square footage of your backyard. You may even want to consider if it is going to be a one story or a two-story sized shed.

Other factors that come into play are the materials you want to use. A shed could be built out of metal or vinyl although you will often find that the most popular material to build a shed with is wood. Wood is more flexible to work with and can be replaced easily. Wood is also more durable and it can be customized much faster than metal or vinyl.

If you decide to build a wood storage shed, here are a couple ideas that may assist you. First, decide what kind of timber you want to use, cedar wood, pine wood, and redwood are strong and durable and they also resist weather damage better than other kinds of wood.

Now it’s time to decide what style and design you want. Some great styles include: Quaker, Victorian, Cottage, Garden, Gambrel, a Dutch barn, or you can even build a New England cabin. For the siding some good choices include: Red Cedar, Novelty Pine, or a Pine Clapboard. Also consider putting a cupola on the roof, adding windows, flower boxes, shutters, doors, and unique accessories like hinges and door handles.

Wood storage sheds should also be weather-proofed to keep out the moisture making it water-tight. Weather-proof coating your shed will also help your shed withstand mold, sun, termites, and other outdoor elements.

After weather-proofing your shed, make sure to adjust your lawn sprinklers to shoot away from the shed to prolong the coatings life. It is also wise to add a drainage system to allow the water to flow away from the base of the shed.

A wood storage shed can also be customized with working shelves, potting benches, storage bins, sun rooms, lights, HVAC, windows, accessories, electricity and water. A well-built shed can provide shelter from the sun, rain and wind as well.

Those with a DIY (do-it-yourself) personality that want to build a wood shed of their own, can learn how to make a storage shed by searching the internet online. There are some great sites on how to make storage sheds that will show you videos and give you blue prints along with step-by-step instructions.

Take some time to view a selection of shed plans before you start building your wood storage shed. There are assortments of elegant designs to choose from. You will find that wood sheds are beautiful and fun to own. They can even enhance the value of your home and the landscaping of your backyard.

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