Wood exterior shutters are attractive and highly functional additions to any house or condo. Wood shutters have many alluring benefits for homeowners that will be detailed below:

  1. High durability
  2. Protection against a variety of extreme weather conditions while moderating interior home temperatures during seasonal heat.
  3. Most wood shutters are highly customizable; the shutters can lend charm to a home’s exterior, or an accent period architecture.

Cedar shutters: The wood holds up 

Wood shutters newcastle made of cedar hold up well in varying weather conditions. Cedar is a solid wood that can withstand hurricane winds, heavy rainfall, and scorching heat. In comparison to common exterior building woods such as pine, sycamore, and chestnut, cedar is a tougher, more durable choice. Another advantage of cedar is that it is soft enough to be carved into a variety of alluring shapes. Therefore, this type of wood is a good choice for exterior shutters.

Wood shutters and weather: A perfect match

Most styles of exterior shutters afford homeowners good protection against various weather conditions. For example, louvered wood shutters have multiple slats laid across the shutter frames, with small gaps between the slats. When closed, they allow a homeowner to ventilate a residential interior without letting in too much heat or sun. A louvered wood shutter system can provide a pleasant and environmentally green solution for cooling a home or condo. This style of wood shutter also offers effective protection against blustery winds, snow, and hail.

Many other types of exterior wood shutters provide excellent protection from sun and heat. For example, board-and-batten shutters, which are made of thick wooden slabs carved to resemble Southwestern barn shutters or Northeastern colonial shutters, can be closed on scorching, sunny days. When closed, these thick wood shutters lend residential interiors shade, giving residents respite from heat and humidity.

Bahama (or, Bermuda) shutters swing up and away from the structure. They are suspended from the home or condo with top exterior hinges. This unique construction allows a homeowner to quickly swing his or her Bahama shutters closed as a thunderstorm or hurricane approaches. Bermuda exterior shutters also provide good protection against strong gusts of wind and heavy rains. They are popular additions to architectural exteriors in storm and hurricane belts.

Wood shutters: A highly customizable, timeless choice

Wood shutters can be made to suit the tastes and needs of homeowners. Because the wood used to construct exterior shutters is durable yet soft, the pieces can be carved into many different shapes and sizes. For example, if a homeowner wishes to have small, homey hearts or stars carved into a set of board-and-batten shutters, a skilled shutter craftsman can do it. The homeowner can opt to have the shutters painted, too, to add a splash of vibrant red or blue to the house – or, might wish to have the shutters weathered to make the house look rugged. A condo owner might wish to modernize his or her dwelling with small, oval-shaped wood shutter sets finished in metallic grey. The shutters can be machine- or hand-carved, then painted, to achieve the sleek, modern look the condo owner desires.

Many shutter styles have rich historical origins. Panel shutters are descended from European royalty, and accent Victorian and Gothic architecture handsomely. They suit the Queen Anne-style, ornate houses of San Francisco as well as they suit the stately Tudor apartment homes of Pittsburgh, PA. Meanwhile, board-and-batten shutters are inspired by American frontier shutters seen in the Northeastern colonial period and the westward expansion of the 1800s. These rougher, slab-like shutters soften concrete homes and condos and add cheeky charm to expansive ranch houses.

Other shutter styles can be used to enhance the architectural lines of a home or condo. For example, large homes with many windows – including mansions – look stunning when each window is smartly framed by louvered wood shutter sets. Meanwhile, tall, slender buildings achieve pleasing proportional balance with the addition of Bahama shutters that jut out in salute from the windows.

Homeowners who want to add highly functional and versatile accents to their living spaces should also consider wood shutters. Constructed of durable materials, engineered to withstand weather, and customized to suit a range of tastes, exterior shutters are pleasing additions to countless styles of architecture.

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